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Minis Rugby - Under 7

Minis Rugby is a great introduction to Rugby,it's non contact in U6-U7 and is focused on fun and general fitness whilst progressively developing the skills and knowledge needed for a junior Rugby Union player

Training:   Wednesday  5:30pm to 6:30pm

Location:   Ryde Park (Home Ground) Minis Field - Below the Club House

Games:     Minis Play Every Saturday (excluding school & public holidays) from                    30 March to 10 August

Registration Cost: $100.00 or FREE! with your Active Kids Voucher

Ball Size:    2      Team: 7 Players       Ground Size: 1/4 Field   

Scrum:        No Scrum       Tackle:       Uncontested 3 players from each team,                                                                                no pushing 

Duration:     2x 15 min halves

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